Colaj Climatic

Climate Fresk is on a mission to raise awareness about climate change. Our workshops are a fun and collaborative way to learn the science behind the IPCC reports.

Understanding climate change empowers us to act:

Faced with the climate emergency, we believe that everyone needs to understand the basics of climate science. This knowledge will enable us to embrace the structural changes we need to make, and start taking effective action.

How it works?

Participants gather around a table in teams of 4 to 7.

They work collaboratively, using the Climate Fresk cards, to learn about the cause and effect relationship between different components of climate change.

A trained facilitator guides the entire process and provides additional insight.

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With rigour and pedagogy, the Climate Fresk makes it possible in a short time to understand the functioning of the climate system as well as the causes and consequences of its disruption. Participating in this workshop raises awareness on the complexity of climate change, gives an overview of this vast problem and provides keys to understanding in order to act effectively.